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Anup Raja

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Experienced promotional model and sales staff working for different car brands and at several exhibitions at Birmingham NEC and in London for Spring Fair 2018 & 2019,  The Wedding Show 2018 and for TRO for Ribena and Lucozade campaigns.

Recent job role titles have included: Brand Ambassador, Lead Generation Staff, Sampler, Demonstrator, Promotional Model and Sales Manager.

I have years of relevant experience in promotional activities such as data collection and handing out merchandise.

My greatest working achievements are representing Volvo at their learning and development centre as a Brand Ambassador for the whole of November 2017 in Northampton. Then selling £1,600 worth of Ghost perfume in December 2017 in Boots, Leicester in 4 days. Lastly I worked for an agency selling Gillette products in Boots. On the 3 days of the campaign I sold a total of 44 razors and 29 gels.

I am highly sales and customer orientated and it is something that I am extremely good and because of this I am often hired by agencies and companies to sell, provide great customer service and promote for them to provide exceptional results. I have vast experience in retail and in sales (4.5 years now) and this includes work in events and data capture.


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