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Today we are taking a step away from the couture and looking at DIY fashion. On my way out of the office today I decided I would pop in to The Birmingham Bead Factory. I went there with my girl friends on my first trip to The Custard Factory, and we were like kids in a candy store! No doubt there are some beautiful pieces to be found on the high street, but there’s something so fabulously fun about making your own! 

Pick and mix!

Did you know that your choice in jewelry may actually help to flatter your figure? We all know that the right belt, princess seams and a complimentary pant style can hide our flaws, but who would have guessed that jewelry can do the same? Your choice in accessories is often as important as the apparel that you wear, especially if your goal is to distract away from your problem area(s). If you want to look marvelous in minutes, consider wearing some of your brightest designs in jewelry. A large bracelet or a group of smaller ones will draw attention to your wrist, while a necklace will draw attention to your face. Specifically, a layered look in necklaces, either a multi-strand design or several necklaces worn together, may help to disguise other imperfections as the eyes of others are drawn toward your jewelry and not your figure flaws!
I came home with a small collection of beads and charms and got busy making bracelets for my sister and a few of my old friends. Hand made jewelry is such a fabulous gift, with a really personal touch. With Mothers day approaching it’s a great gift to consider!