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Elpromotions Agency provided male brand ambassadors for Horizn Studios promotional campaign in London. The promotional activity used models to create a buzz around the brand. The Horizn promotional models cycled around Central London during the 6-week pop-up event period.

Horizn Studios London Brand Ambassadors

The promotional models picked up the suitcases and dropped them off in pop-up space in Soho, London. The primary task for cycling was to go around the busy London areas to intensify brand awareness. Horizn Studios promotional campaign required models to be on-brand, dynamic, modern, young and fashionable. The promo models were well conversant with the brand background before embarking on their shifts.

The promo guys were very efficient in their work as they cycled carrying the suitcases to the designated areas. They were polite, and they executed their duties diligently. The brand awareness was a success as there is positive impact emanating post-launch. Many people are now aware of the Horizn brand, and there is excellent reception at the store. The route that the promo staff used was well-known, busy and well populated making the event a success.


Horizn Studios promotional campaign

The models wore Horizn Studios branded caps and t-shirts as they attracted more people to see what was happening as it was the main aim of the event; brand awareness.  The models carried some suitcases on their bikes attracting customers in getting to know their destination.

The Elpromotions Agency is a professional body while it comes to event organisation and marketing activations. The promotional agency staff ensures that they reach the targeted clientele base and the brand awareness always meets the set standards, as it was the case in HORIZN Studios.

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