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Celebrity Turned fashion designer! Well it’s not something we haven’t seen before. The Olsen Twins and Mischa Barton  have created handbag lines, Gwen Stefani created Lamb, Kimora Lee Simmons and hey hubby Russel have BabyPhat and PhatFarm, the list goes on. And now KANYE WEST is jumping on the bandwagon. He always did fancy himself as a fashionista. This week his second line made it’s debut at Paris Fashion week.

Surely she doesn't need the money? Arizona Muse was draped in white fur at the Paris show
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                           Ghastly and cruel? A model wears am astrakhan top under a bizarre fur arm-warmerGhastly and cruel? A model a fur coat at the Kanye West show in Paris
Fashion writers have said  the second collection is a ‘concise statement’ and ‘much improved’. However the wide use of animal skins and furs has caused some uproar. Astakhan is one of the many materials he has used (this has been used for the grey vest far left) and is the fur of an unborn lamb taken from it’s mothers womb. Crocodile, Snake and mink are just a few of the others.  The question of whether wearing fur is morally correct or ethical is one that has been raised time and time again. I myself have been pondering my own stance in this debate. I have always been against the unkind slaughter of animals for a long time – going as far as becoming vegetarian for a period of time. However, being the omnivores that we are it’s in our nature as humans to need to eat meat – when it came to summer and burger season I gave in to temptation and my pledge to salad and veg went out the window. But is it the same with a coat? Should I give in to my urges for the sake of my appearance? (and arguably warmth too, but there’s other materials that could do the same job). When I asked one of my friends she posed the question; ‘If it’s vintage and it’s already been killed, would you really want the poor animals life to go to waste, whilst it’s beautiful fur gathers dust and attracts mothballs?’ 

I have yet to own any real fur. But it’s still an ongoing debate, and every time I pass ‘Cow Vintage’ I pop in for a quick oggle at the coat… it’s a dilemma! what would you do?