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So you have booked your booth space at your next round of industry tradeshows, you have designed a fabulous great looking and rather expensive booth, but the question is; how will you engage, attract and qualify show visitors and turn them into viable sales opportunities? Lets elaborate.

Hiring events staff for exhibitions and trade shows can often be an expensive job but worth it, if their skills are utilised adequately. Promotional staff and exhibition hostesses can help you generate your business objectives, as well as help you manage your lead generation and sales effectively.

One of many key elements of exhibition and trade show success depends on the “lead management process”. However, the best lead generation continues to be face to face and person to person. Visitors at exhibitions across the world still want to be treated as the valued person and not reduced to a target of a sterile marketing strategy or cold sales. Event and trade show exhibitors continue to see higher results using professional exhibition staff / trade show hostesses to build awareness, engage visitors, collect data, distribute and gather information and expedite the sales process.

You should absolutely engage and involve your exhibition staff or trade show hostesses in lead generation, in order to ensure tradeshow and exhibition success. After all, you are paying good money for it!

Here are some of the points worth considering, before booking your Hostess agency:


  • Get at least 3 quotes from the local agencies you can compare to, check out Google+ reviews and previous customer feedback. Use an event supplier website, such as neventum to get 5 free no obligation quotes from your chosen hostess agency.
  • Check out the agencies past events and compare the quality of Trade Show staff & Hostesses, if the agency doesn’t represent any recent events on the website, it is a red flag.
  • Prepare a lead card in advance for your exhibition staff to use. Your lead card should be easy to complete, user friendly and simple; allowing space for attaching a business card and space for notes. Ensure that your exhibition staff fill the lead cards with as much information as possible. If you have the budget, consider a badge scanner for faster recording of leads or provide an iPad, where staff can easily use a pre-made form for simple data capture. Use a simple software, such as JotForm to create user friendly data capture forms. It does all the work for you!
  • Hire exhibition staff, who understand your product and service and in turn can solve your clients’ problems. It’s important to have staff who are positive, upbeat, with a ‘can-do’ attitude, friendly smile and have experience in a customer facing and sales roles.
  • Instead of giving away literature, flyers and leaflets; collecting contact data, such as emails and company names will allow for solid leads and potential sales.
  • Encourage your staff or trade show hostesses to take sufficient notes, so that the information visitors are interested in is properly communicated to the representative following up the lead post event.
  • Consider paying commission to every lead generated by your exhibition staff, this will motivate the staff and even have them competing against each other. If you want to go all out, try making it into a fun competition with money prize for the highest quantity of qualified leads! Although be careful, if you incentivise your exhibition staff, do so in a humble way to encourage teamwork, rather than aggressive, competing sales staff.
  • Encourage more leads by motivating visitors to visit your exhibition stand. You could ask your exhibition staff to promote a competition or prize draw on social media throughout the show!
  • Hire exhibition staff or trade show hostesses who can successfully present live demonstrations on a stage if your booth is particularly large. This can help draw visitors to your stand, create a crowd and generate buzz at your stand, which in turn can increase lead generation. Offer complimentary snacks, good quality coffee, soft drinks and even wine! This will get visitors to spend more time on your stand and make the sale you need.
  • You will save time with recording leads from a database if you use JotForm simple software, as it will do all the work for you! You can even download the list of customers at the end of the day. More time for you, to spend with your potential clients.

I hope you found this post useful! Remember, do your research before booking your next Hostess & Exhibition staffing agency.

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Eliis Ashley Ruus
Founder & Director at Elpromotions Agency