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And so it has begun. London Fashion Week is once again on every ones tongue, literally! Even Mayor of London, Borris Johnson, tweeted about #LFW.
So only naturally I was in the centre of it all on the first day and what a vibe I felt.
From the shows to the styles outside and to all the bloggers, photographers, models and press present, everything was nothing but spectacular. Other than the wifi being stubborn, everything ran rather smoothly and everyone was super nice being more than willing to strike a pose for my camera.
Bringing out your alter ego on this day is a must! There’s no time to be insecure or worry about what people think. This is what will get you noticed and when one person starts taking a picture everyone wants to capture your presence.
This fashion savy beaut of a mans outfit works so well. I normally stem towards the chic minimalistic ‘Chanel’ kind of look but I love how everything has been put together especially the accessories. The necklace, bull dog cross piercing, all the rings on his fingers and bag finishes the outfit off perfectly. Not forgetting the beard and hair. Love the beard!

The dog was a total babe magnet, although it would be a lie if I said nobody noticed the owner, You just cant go wrong with a bow tie and navy slim fit suit. 
 whilst on my stroll round the court yard absorbing all the sun and fashion an elderly man rode by on his very cool scooter and white suit. He entirely set himself apart from the crowd, and at that moment i had never wanted to be somebody else as much, he looked like he was having so much and it was inspiring to see at first hand how fashion has no age limit! And that is seriously what it comes down to. Having fun with fashion.
 It was so nice to see a variety of different outfits, this midi dress and bucket bag was a fantastic combo.


    Being a blogger is absolute heaven at London fashion week, you don’t have to pester your partner or friends to take a picture of you because an influx of photographers are constantly ready to do the job.
 Even though LFW is all about the arrangement of your ensemble, I did not solely focus on the outfits. Instead I paid some attention to capturing a few head shots of the most intriguing faces I found, and how astonishing they all were.

FeMale Model
It was refreshing to see how accepting everyone was at LFW, with androgyny being embraced. This model above was pro-actively creating awareness for blurring the lines between masculine and feminine characteristics fabulously! I for one would not hold out in those 6 inches for the whole day #props.

Neon hair, don’t care. There were a lot of people strolling around who were seen to be sporting bright hair dos, an obvious relation to the digital theme that was being highlighted in the shows.
And they came two by two.
Being in a pair is highly complementing, and this was shown brilliantly at LFW. Whether it was planned or a coincidence it makes such an impact.

                                                       Famous Faces we all adore.
Fashion is forever evolving. With the help of the many social media platforms, one person has the luxury of playing many roles. The stylist, blogger, photographer and journalist is all one individual and so not only is everything becoming a lot more competitive than it was once before but also people are bringing a lot more to the table in terms of style and attitude towards of everything.

The eye catching singletons.
They know they looked the business.