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This past weekend, Elpromotions‘ London models and talent made a rather bold appearance at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival in Preston Park. Actors, models and football talent represented Paddy Power an official sponsor of the festival, in support of Gay Professional Football players.

The campaign launched the first Official Bus of Professional Gay Players. This colourful float, full of confetti and rainbows, ran through the streets of Brighton during the parade! What was the catch? Well, the bus was completely empty. This was to showcase that zero progress has been made when it comes to LGBTQ in the world of football and footballers coming out to the public. Therefore, the empty bus certainly making a statement.


Paddy Power wanted to show professional footballers in the Premier League who may be gay, that the fans are ready; that they have our support and that of millions of others in the UK and abroad. As a result, this campaign brought a lot of attention to the float ad the reason behind it.

Our promotional models took on three roles at the Brighton Gay Pride Festival.

Paddy Power Bus


London promotional staff walked through Preston Park dressed in Paddy Powder branded Pride Pants and green angel wings. The London promotional models were cheering on festival-goers and firing Paddy Power Pants into the air with a hand-held air cannon. London promotional staff embraced the full pride spirit and covered themselves in glitter and rainbow tattoos.

London Promotional Staff


A Paddy Power market stall was setup in Preston Park where one of Elpromotions’ promotional models distributed Paddy Power branded merchandise. The merch included flyers, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a whistle all handed out in a cute little tote bag. The model dressed in a Paddy Power branded referee jersey while he interacted with the festival goers.


Along with the referee, Elpromotions had a professional footballer at the Paddy Power market stall doing football tricks and interacting with the festival goers. The model dressed in a Paddy Power branded football outfit.

London Promotional Staff


Elpromotions’ London promotional staff did amazing embracing the job and looked great doing it.

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