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They are certainly no blood diamonds, but this collection of recycled jewelry by Yoav Kotik is quirky, fun and something you can feel good about wearing! Made from a collection of bottle caps, the innovative artworks won’t fail to catch the eye! (Probably best worn with simple, clean cut, one colour pieces) Kotik is a 52 year old Israeli artist who formerly worked in the insurance industry and as an industrial designer before focusing his attention on the art world.
The inspiration for these pieces surprisingly doesn’t stem from a need to raise the issues of environmental awareness, but instead from appreciation of the urban environment. ‘He’s charged with a mission to change the way people think about trash, and scopes out new finds in Israeli cities and factories’ The bottle caps are collected from various cities and locations, giving each piece a unique story,  before they are  molded into the various shapes that come together to create some true gems.
The above piece creates a fusion of natural and man made elements, combining the man made industrialized symbolism of the bottle caps with the image of a flower. Below the caps are folded and then threaded together by simple plastic gold beads.