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Oh yes! Its that time again and we cant get enough. The schedules are up the times are in and everyone is buzzing to see next seasons trends for spring 2015! 
What do we know already?
Well we know that Maybelline is officially the Make up sponsor for London fashion week and their new product the Color Elixir is going to shine on the catwalk #QuiteLiterally. Looking at the collection that they have in its smooth ‘soft not sticky’ range is very spring! The 10 different shades are very exciting and agreeably the best way to start the fashion year.
The event to look out for
I know you guys may already know about the Headonism tea party that haute couture milliner Stephan Jones and Wedgwood have teamed up and organised for the very first day of  London Fashion Week from 4-6pm… But this collab is insane. I can only imagine the most luxurious and spirited decor at this particular event, we are all eager to see what happens. 
You guys really ought to check out Regent street right now. 15 architects have come together to change the shopping experience for customers and have created an outdoor exhibition by re inventing shop windows that reflects the brand and engages with the customer. Pictures coming soon!
With all that is coinciding with London Fashion Week right now, I will be going and checking it all out and of course getting back to you here.