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Stella McCartney has just unveiled the Olympic and Paralympic uniforms for the Team GB she has designed. It is the first time in history the design of the Olympic kit has been placed into the hands of an actual couture fashion designer and it couldn’t be more exciting! Stella told ‘The Guardian’ that when designing the uniforms she wanted to capture ‘what makes Britain British’ and wow are we impressed!

The fashion show did not disappoint. From the thick gold invitations to the impressive number of famous athletes present, patriotism was woven into the event. McCartney has been working on this commission for a whole two years, being told to design for 600 different athletes in 26 different disciplines. Tough job or what?! But Stella has impressed everyone with her sporting wear, making it fashionable but also suitable for its purpose.

The new Olympic kit is striking, cool and actually looks like what an athlete should be wearing! Red has been kept to a minimum except for the red piping detail and my favourite bit of the ensemble is that the Union Jack flag is a mix of blues. The gymnastic leotards also do not disappoint being fabulously glitzy with sequins. Looking back at the sad, suede, dull red jackets in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics how far the uniforms have come! And being a fashion-lover myself it makes me so proud and pleased that my Olympic team will be running, jumping and leaping to victory (fingers crossed) in Stella McCartney couture.
Images courtesy of Marie Claire
The range will be on sale from April – prices ranging from trainers at £212 to £5 Team GB wristbands.