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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: style icons, businesswomen, designers, movie stars, child prodigy’s… and there’s two of them! In this Aprils issue of Elle fashion’s most famous twins share their vision in a ten page spread with writing by Avril Mair and Photographs by Alexei Hay and Anne-Marie Curtis.What is their ambition? you may ask …’To carve a career path that Rivals Tom Ford’s’ of course. They describe themselves as perfectionists who don’t trust a lot of people, so you’ve got to be lucky to be chosen for one of their many and varied businesses. These include ‘The Row’; their uber-luxe fashion line, mid- priced trend driven ‘Elisabeth and James’, ‘Olsenboye’ a junior range exclusive to US department store JC Penny and a new online US venture called ‘’. Elisabeth and James is sold in about 700 stores worldwide while The Row is in over 140. 
Here Ashley looks stunning on the cover wearing a crystal and gabardine coat by Prada.
They say that until they were 18 it was always about creating a brand, and we think they have defiantly been successful. Say the name Olsen to just about anyone and they know who you’re talking about! It’s hard to imagine the twins quiet home life as children. Bought up in the suburbs of LA, their father a real estate agent and their mother a housewife. Fame was almost accidental. They are not identical but fraternal twins, although it is very hard to tell the difference between the two! ‘They call themselves mirror twins – one left-handed and the other right, one left brained and the other right’. The perfect combination.
They began filming at 9 months old for US TV sitcom Full House. Since then they have starred in numerous works, their own show ‘The adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley’ premiered in 1994 and that was followed by others such as ‘Two of a Kind’ and ‘So little time’. They packed in acting at the age of 18, with their last title ‘New York Minute’, by then though the twosome had already released thier first tween clothing range for department mega store Wal Mart. As they have matured, there has been greater interest in their fashion choices. The due have been pioneers for looks referred to by journalists as ‘ashcan’ or ‘bohemian-bourgeois’.

In an outfit to die for Mary Kate wears a sequined silk jacket and sequined silk tulle dress , both Roberto Cavalli.