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With summer nearly at it’s end, the shops are slowly bringing out the styles we will be seeing everywhere next season.
A trend which is already making it’s way into shops is the black, white & red plaid print trend. Plaid in every form from trousers to shirts to bags.
What we here are calling ‘boy shoes’ with styles such as brogues and the shoes that look like something you would wear to school.
We are generally feeling a very grungy, punky, androgynous feel for the seasons ahead.
Black and red plaid trousers may look scary but paired with a black t-shirt and all black accessories these will look amazing for fall.
A very masculine looking shoe but we are thinking that these paired with a girly dress or a short skirt would strike the right balance between feminine with a masculine edge.
If you prefer something more subtle but still on trend, then this shirt also from Mango is great for you.
Can you tell how obsessed we are with Mango at the moment? They really are on point for a/w 13, ticking boxes for all the trends. Check them out if you want a one stop shop to buy every trend for next season.
This wrap bracelet can be paired with other size bracelets for a layered or stacked effect.
We are really going to enjoy experimenting with styles and masculine touches this season!