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In the world of promotional marketing and events, there are often instances where you’ll need to hire promotional staff or event hostesses. Whether it’s to launch a new product or to increase brand awareness, the benefits of hiring promotional staff can be hugely beneficial.

However, many event planning and marketing companies lack knowledge in the actual hiring process. How do you really know how to select the best stand hostess or promotional model?

Here at Elpromotions, we have had years of experience in staffing and hiring promo girls for large scale corporate events.

NEC Promotional Staff



2. Use a reputable promotional staffing agency

The best advice any marketing or event agency will give you is to leave it to the experts and free yourself to manage the event. Most event planners will be occupied with planning and executing the event and do not wish to worry about posting ads, interviewing candidates and relaying the same information over and over.

Use a trusted event staffing agency or promotional marketing agency. Event staffing companies like Elpromotions can find you the perfect candidate in a matter of hours.



2. Offer staff training

Whether you decide to go with a staffing agency or do it yourself, you’ll need to be sure that your criteria is specific when it comes to hiring promotional staff. We recommend to hold a short training or briefing session before your event or activation. This will help the event staff to familiarise with your brand. Brief promo girls and promo guys about important event systems and processes. This is also your chance to advise promotional staff about ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s and product key messages. A short 30 minute to 1 hour training session is sufficient.

If you lack the extra budget for staff training, we suggest to write up a detailed brief or guide for your event team. The more specific you are with your brief, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with the staff supplied to you.



3. Be reliable

Our final tip is all about you! Be reliable. Communication is key when it comes to hiring promo staff, so be reliable and easy to get in touch with. That goes for any agency you’ve commissioned as well as with your event staffing agency directly.

Be sure to pay your staffing agency on time and fairly, so you get a favourable reputation in the industry. Your aim is to build a mutual working relationship and of course, to do a good job!


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